Ep 37 – What’s Wrong with the Basketball World Cup?

After a 1 week break, the boys are back and with more complaints than ever! Well, not really. On this episode, Rod, Raf, and Evans do talk about why the FIBA Basketball World Cup might be as electric as its closest cousin, the FIFA World Cup, and what can be done to make the tournament more interesting.

2 Replies to “Ep 37 – What’s Wrong with the Basketball World Cup?”

  1. I’ll be happy to watch my New Zealand team struggle their way through to a 28th place matchup. I mean I’ve been watching the warm up games so there is interest there. But like you guys point out the format is ridiculous and has too many cons (player burnout, cost etc) and it’s only us diehards who will watch. Outside of the top 8 though, I’ll only watch NZ (and Australia if they bomb). The rest of the games will hold no interest


    1. Very good point. Basketball lovers will watch throughout but it is really hard to ask casual fans to watch games that have no real meaning to them. Glad to see that you’ll be supporting the Tall Blacks. Best of luck int he World Cup and thanks for the comment!


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