Episode 123 – Absolute Madness

Join us as we see our brackets explode right in front of us. On this episode, Blake takes us through the March Madness tournament while Tay tells us if Nuggets and Celtics fans should be concerned and Leo give s a good look at the Grizzlies chances in the playoffs.arch made

Episode 122 – Does Damian Lillard deserve a statue?

The DD crew has debated this topic on and off for the past 3+ months and after an intense back and forth on WhatsApp, the fellas decided to put an end to this by having a full-on debate. What do you think, should Dame get a statue in Portland once he retires?

Episode 117 – A conversation with Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Operations Assistant, Sunny Ahluwalia

On this very special episode, Tay chats with Sunny Ahluwalia, Basketball Operations Assistant for the Memphis Grizzlies. Sunny shares his journey from having a paper route in Vancouver to getting an internship with Canada Basketball to having a career with an NBA team. Sunny also tells us some of the behind the scenes about the …

Episode 115 – A Conversation with Lorenzo Encomienda a.k.a. Loz in Transit

We are joined by basketball basketball globetrotter, curator, and overall superfan, all the way from Sydney, Australia - Lorenzo Encomienda. On the first part of the episode we get to know Lorenzo more - how basketball came to his life, his favourite players and shoes growing up. Later on, Rod asks Lorenzo about his basketball …