The Weekly Dime – Episode 104 – BBQ Chicken

Blake is back from Greece and, together with Rod, they discuss the latest on the playoffs. The beatdown from the Grizzlies, the Sixers falling to the Heat, the exciting Bucks-Celtics series, and the Luka special! rod and Blake also discuss whether Rudy Gobert would be able to stop Shaq.

The Weekly Dime – Episode 102 – Trading cards, Raptors, and more with Jason Soares

This week's guest, Jason Soares, joins us to talk about NBA trading cards, the Toronto Raptors and finals predictions! On the first part of the show, we get to know Jason better through basketball, then Jason shares with Rod what his expectations are for the Raptors post-season push, and finally Jason and Rod talk about …

The Weekly Dime – Episode 98 – Risky Business

It's trade season and you know the guys had to get in and analyze some of the more recent trades, especially Portland's risky business! The fellas also talk about Luka entering the Top 10 in the NBA's all time triple double list and whether we'll see a Harden for Simmons trade