Ep. 01 – The Journey Begins

Welcome to Dropping Dimes! We are Rodrigo and Rafael but feel free to call us Rod & Raf.

As you might have guessed, we are passionate about basketball! But not just about the NBA, althoough that is one of the main sources of our basketball intake. But we’re passionate about all aspects surrounding the game: music, books, sneakers, movies, social impact, you name it!

We want to provide you witha fresh take on the sport that we love and while we will talk about the NBA quite a bit we also want to bring to your attention other leagues, the WNBA, the G-league and leagues from other countries.

We believe that basketball is a global game and that the game goes well beyond the court and we want to share with you or pint of view, insights, anecdotes, and opinions of this wonderful sport.

So, here we are, the begining of the journey. Welcome to Dropping Dimes, your two cents of basketball!

Droping Dimes Pod Art



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