The Weekly Dime – Episode 104 – BBQ Chicken

Blake is back from Greece and, together with Rod, they discuss the latest on the playoffs. The beatdown from the Grizzlies, the Sixers falling to the Heat, the exciting Bucks-Celtics series, and the Luka special! rod and Blake also discuss whether Rudy Gobert would be able to stop Shaq.

Dropping Dimes x Fraser Valley Bandits – Conversation with Coach Mike Taylor of the Fraser Valley Bandits

We are honoured and excited to have the chance to chat with the new coach of The Fraser Valley Bandits, Mike Taylor! Coach Taylor's resume is vast and decorated and we had a chance to ask him about working alongside Doc Rivers and Brad Stevens, his time coaching overseas in Europe, and his historic run …

The Weekly Dime – Episode 92 – Ho ho ho

The Dropping Dimes crew is in a festive mood and Rod the red nosed reindeer along with Santa Blake decided to give out some presents to NBA teams and players. Check out who won a trip to Canada, which team got a full-blown makeover, and which team got a ring pop variety pack!