The Weekly Dime – Episode 104 – BBQ Chicken

Blake is back from Greece and, together with Rod, they discuss the latest on the playoffs. The beatdown from the Grizzlies, the Sixers falling to the Heat, the exciting Bucks-Celtics series, and the Luka special! rod and Blake also discuss whether Rudy Gobert would be able to stop Shaq.

The Weekly Dime – Episode 78 – Joakim Noah, I choose you!

Come for the basketball takes, stay for the free Portuguese lessons! Rod and Raf go at it again and discuss the following:☘️Are the Celtics the most overrated team in the NBA? 🎷Are the Utah jazz contenders or pretenders? 🇧🇷Raf teaches Portuguese to Lebron James. 🔴🔵🟢Pokémon’s 25th anniversary - The boys choose their three NBA Pokemon …