Ep. 34 – Top 3 Basketball Moments

As the news slows down, the Dropping Dimes crew does the exact opposite and continues to bring you basketball content! On this episode, Raf, Evans, and Rod get personal and share their Top 3 moments in basketball. The guys sit down and share what are some of the moments that marked their lives as fans, players, and basketball nerds. There was a bit of everything, from international games, Olympics, NBA, NCAA, and more! Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this episode.

Ep. 33 – Dolphin Basketball Classic

The Rucker Park Tournament, the Drew League, the Venice Beach League, the Seattle Pro-Am, you’ve probably heard about these summer pro-am leagues but have you heard about the Dolphin Basketball Classic? On its 34th edition, the Dolphin gathers Vancouver’s top talent and manages to draw players from other provinces and even from Div 1 schools in the US for a fun two and a half day tournament while engaging with the local community. This is all the result of a group of hard working friends who 30+ years ago decided to start a tournament in their local park and this same group of friends is still the driving force behind the Dolphin Basketball Classic. If you want to hear more about Vancouver’s own summer basketball classic, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Ep. 32 – A Whole New League

You know how when you play 2K you can make some crazy trades? You send Lebron to Phoenix, or Joel Embiid to Boston or, check this out, Kawhi to the Clippers?!?! Not in a thousand years would that ever happen! Except this time one of those trades became a reality.
Join Rod and Raf as they both discuss what was one of the most exciting and intriguing weeks in NBA free agency as they analyze Kawhi’s decision, the aftermath of his decision, and more!

Ep. 30 – Raptors Extravaganza with The Bryan Brothers

For our 30th episode, we decided to bring two special guests, Adrian and Jay Bryan from The Bryan Brothers podcast! Adrian and Jay joined Rod and Evans on a Raptors Extravaganza! The guys discussed all the major events from the Raptors season that led to the Championship. Check in for what will be an instant classic for all things Raptors, Toronto, and to to learn more on our affection for Cactus Club.